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If the city people's news said gorge closed for the reason: In order to sell tickets to customers without risk, the ticket company said it was removing risks when it rained and closed the scenic area to tourists. As long as no one sold tickets, the scenic area would not be closed. For that bad news,if you really want to trekking or visit Tiger Leaping Gorge,Sean is only person could help you get through by honest information,Sean is only person could talking to you fluent English and writing english by answer your gmail or wechat.we are living inside Gorge,for come to the gorge,sugest you to use our inside gorge local draver to help you travel through all the gorge trip,be course of the city peoples in Lijiang Dali,Shangri-la,they all want to find reason to keep you stay with them never leave their place,so don't trust them to get information about the gorge.

  From lonely planet infor book at 2017 year writting: Seans Spring Guesthouse    GUESTHOUSE$$

(山泉客栈, Shanquan kezhan; 0887 880 6829, R160-380,without bathroom 60-80; ) One

Of the original guesthouse on the trail. The eponymous Sean is a true character, a good

Source of travel info and one of the few lo-cals seriously concerned with the gorges

en-Vironmental well being. There are 28 rooms here, including a couple of cheapies,

and the Best have great views of Yulong Xueshan. The meals are all-organic and tasty.

   Sean's Guesthouse is the perfect getaway place for people living in crowded cities, who want to get out and enjoy nature in a peaceful environment. be cause  Sean myself  had lived Lijiang Banyan tree(悦榕庄) hotel and Dali Linden's hotel(喜林苑)so we know the price and the value and how to be comfortable ! we provide western style accommodation and a tour guide to show you the best of the scenery and keep safe trip for you. Sean's Guesthouse has been a favorite tourist location of European and Western travelers for all years, you will be able to fully relax your mind and body. We give you the best location in Tiger Leaping Gorge.  Enjoy our large patio balcony which is perfect for laying out in the sun to relax or our peaceful meditation while surrounded by nature.

At Sean’s Guesthouse, we provide the best variety of food found in the gorge: western, Tibetan, Chinese food (without M.S.G), fresh and tasty home made dishes, cold and hot drinks, espresso coffee, fresh juice and banana milk shake, etc. We also provide a sunny balcony, beautiful yard, and a hearth dining room that looks out to a mountain view.

In addition, we offer en-suite rooms with private bath tubs, climate control rooms (suitable for the winter time and raining season), an open-shelf reading room where you can read, swap and buy books.

We also organize 2-5 day package tours in the gorge; 1-2 week eco-tours (price depends on the number of people and the number of days). We offer English guided tours and sightseeing trips with climate-controlled tour buses.

We also organize horse back rides. Riders will be able to see Haba Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Walnut Garden valley.

Bonfire night parties and wireless internet service are 
covered all  the guesthouse. 

In addition, we offer laser beam flashlights and telescopes for stargazing, and a tourmaline dry sauna room that emits far infrared ray and ion to help you relax.
Visitors can also get a taste of local farmer’s lives, and take part in projects to support the poor.
As for safety, we have
monitoring system cameras installed around the guesthouse so it is well-protected.
You are welcome to join Sean’s life in Tiger Leaping Gorge. Wireless Wi-Fi internet is available.

Virtue and What you could get in our Guesthouse:

Established in 1983, Walnut Garden Guesthouse ( Sean’s Spring Guesthouse) is the original Guesthouse in Tiger Leaping Gorge, Our Sean’s Spring Guesthouse is decorated naturally local style high quality room and ethereally atmosphere.......!

  1. We provide Great western local Chinese food; common; Luxurious cozy climate control room, internet Wi-Fi, if you need warm en-suite room and dining room, you need good food, you need real coffee, honest information , welcome to Sean's Guesthouse to get help !

  2.  Work well in our place since 1983 August, Organize trekking trip around most of china, Especially Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Xian. horse riding, mountain climbing, camping trip, in between one day to four weeks!

  3. we help our visitors to book the airline; hotel; bus; train tickets in china.

  4. Here we don't have an effect on you with any local people around our place, when you are in our place. here is no thing same as other Guesthouse all stuff crowd with you,  peoples; horses, all the mixed tourist etc! here you have your own space to enjoy it.

  5. Our place is only the Guesthouse give free bed for disabled people and volunteer for countryside school and leprosy group of poor people !

  6. when you stay here or join the tour with Sean, we will protect you very well with our world most powerful stuff ! around our place all security system !

  7. Sean was the person hold the Eco-tourist and gorge business in the right way, If with out Sean in the gorge , you will not be convinced in the gorge and will have much trouble with the Maffia group! So come to Sean's and be thinking of  to cooperate and help each other !

 1, Sean's place is only the place in gorge peace and quiet place, 80 percent western people, 20 percent Chinese people.

   2, Guarantee 24 hours hot Water for shower and bath in big private bathroom.

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