Why you need Guide

 Why you need a guide to join your private tour?

     At first for foreigners, you travel to any other country, you don't know the local language, you don't know the local culture, you don't know the local conditions and you don't want to waste your time, you have a better Quality of life and a better job compared to Chinese local people, if you hire a local guide, they will organize the trip for you, you will support local poor people's economic and keep everyone happy!
   Secondly, if you have a guide, for sure you will feel safe and of course it is security for your trip,for the gorge drivel car,local people know where is possible to park car and where is could stop for take photoes in the mountain. specially because of China changes too fast, the mountain path for some reason put up walls, the city street is developed and changed, so the local guide well know the area more than travelers, so you don't get lost,when you go for trekking, local guide will let you know where could drop rock and where is safe to take photos.
    Third you have a guide you will be safe with compared to your country conditions, you pay just little money, the guide will Organize for your trips, the tickets, you don't have to wait to buy this half day before and wait for that half day, you don't have to be miserable, the private tour will take you to where you want to and easy catch up the time! The guide will know more about the local history and culture, especially in our area, which is rare and you will see the top view of the gorge!

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