Starting from Daju


    Buses leave for Daju at 8.30am and 1.30pm from Lijiang. At the moment, Lijiang to Daju or Daju to Lijiang both way, when you pass the Lijiang tourist sightseeing spot, you have to pay the entrance fee of 100RMB and "protect the old town" fee of 50RMB. When you enter into the gorge, you have to pay another gorge entrance fee of 45RMB.Therefore, most travellers opt for the Lijiang-Qiaotou route and hike up to Walnut Garden and then continue their trip to Dali or Shangri-La. The walk to the old ferry is very picturesque and should not be missed. The ferry is more reliable and the climb up the opposite bank less steep and much safer. After crossing the river from the old ferry, the path continues through the fields and houses of the local Naxi people before joining up to the road to Walnut Garden. There is link map you can copy  it too: There is a ticket office just before the Walnut Garden. five minutes walk beyond Ticket office is Sean's Spring Guesthouse. It is a 20 minute walk from Walnut Garden to the high trail start. If you need help just call: 0887 8806829,we do pick-up service to Sean's! Any more information what you need to know, just link the head line  menu list !
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