Walnut project 

The land of walnut garden is barren. In the past, villagers used to farm for a living, and their income was poor. Villagers in 2010, I was held up as walnut garden club President, up to expectations, I actively explore a road to development, wholeheartedly for the sake of walnut orchard villagers and impoverished disabled family, led the villagers on behalf of the mountain view, investigation and study to the surrounding villages, the use of the existing collective forestland "club" of regional resources, formulate development of walnut industry cultivation, production, processing, packaging and sales through-train services, for the development of efficient ecological agriculture, to adapt to the rural industrial structure and economic transformation, realize the agricultural industrialization, ecological industry, ecological industrialization idea and shorten the gap between rich and poor, to the road of common prosperity, the goal of building a harmonious family of Sean's, lead the people in his hometown of slope planting base, built the walnut industry on slope area of more than 2000 acres, planted walnut trees more than 20000 trees, radiation driven 16 people with disabilities and 30 families of poor household employment for the disabled, disabled people become the village's good friend,To get rich, the walnut industrial base has become known as a poverty alleviation base for disabled people, and has established a "professional cooperative for farmers in the mountain spring of shangri-la" for the villagers of walnut garden. Organize manpower for the village road, convenient for the masses to travel. The garden of walnut garden and the whole tiger leaping gorge area is a veritable garden natural ecological tourism culture village, which is one of the most important causes for the benefit of future generations. Promote the development and sustainable utilization of resources, the development of this project use for creating tiger leaping gorge 5 a-class tourist brand laid a good foundation, reduces the burden for the government, have played an important role in soil and natural ecological stability, to achieve the goal the development of ecological civilization construction!


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