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I spent 3 days hiking TLG. The gorge suffered from some rain and 2 landslides, therefore only a few people could reach the gorge. However the high trail was totally fine and it was safe as well as perfectly fine to hike. 
I got tremendous help and staid at Sean's Guesthouse ( Please check their webpage and book accomodation with them as they will be able to bring you to the gorge (don't trust local taxi drivers, it may be a scam). After you book with Sean just write him a WeChat and he will guide you through other arrangements. 
It was totally worth it spending a few more days at the gorge, many people just do the section up to Tina's Guesthouse.However further sections are gorgeous.

 "We took Sean's 2-day eco-tour from Lijiang with 2 nights at the Guest House"

At Sean's it's achilled out oasis in the middle of the mountains, not a party place,all year around you can see some beautiful flowers,even hot season you can just seating under the big tree, come here and relex with a beer on our breathtaking terrace,or nurse a cup of fresh green tea listening to the distant roar of the rapids.

"A great time, with a great host, in a great place."

Hazel Henrik1 contribution UK and Sweden Aug 16, 2009 | Trip type: Couples
   "We took Sean's 2-day eco-tour from Lijiang with 2 nights at the Guest House" Coming from Lijiang in the mist and pouring rain, the gorge road to the Guest House was, well, quite an experience - but we had a warm and efficient welcome at Sean's and were shown to a very nice room, with a nice bathroom, comfortable bed, and all wood finish. We walked a bit that day in the rain - still amazing views tho - and had a nice dinner. The next day we walked with Sean up the ridge of one of the nearby peaks via tiny paths through fields and woods - spectacular views and didn't meet another soul all day apart from the farmers in the village we visited on the way back down and some free-range pigs and cows. Definitely worth getting off the beaten track for, although we would never have found the way up without a guide. By the way, the guidebooks say to come in May and June for wildflowers, but we came in mid-August and the place was covered with them. We sat up that night looking at the views with other guests. Next morning, we walked by ourselves down to the river and left about lunch time. Service and comfort was uniformly excellent, food was great and the walking as good as we've seen. Definitely come to Tiger Leaping Gorge, and definitely stay at Sean's.

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